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Kraft Resealable Paper Bag With Window
Kraft bags with zip-lock resealable strip, Fit for storing nuts, coffee beans, grains, spices, oats, cookies, candies, etc. Ideal for home, store and travel use, sealed from air, making them store for longer. Strong And Durable, Stand up ziplock bag. The Inner Side...
OMR 18.370
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Zipper Lock Bags are  multi-purpose storage bag. Store and organize just about anything like vegetables, fruits, meat, seafoods, stationary , toys, cosmetics or even important documents.


  • Zipper closure ensures the safety of your food
  • Good quality plastic prevents leaks and stains
  • Fade-proof construction resists catching stains
  • Superior quality prevents crumbling while carrying
  • Designed securely, thus preventing the contents from falling out

High quality and contemporary design make us one of the leading companies in providing Plastic Products

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