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Paper Plate Light Duty 1200 Pieces
Inspired by ocean waves and sandy beaches, this plate is perfect for parties, banquets, and other catered events. Not only does its wide rim have cascading, seashell-like lines to draw guests' eyes toward each perfectly-plated dish, it also helps contain...
OMR 7.870
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Captivated by the outstanding prices, these Hotpack Plates are ideal for family parties, dinner parties, and other tailored gatherings. Although those plates simply do have large edges have a cascade effect, but it also allows absorb liquids, sauces, and sauces to avoid unintended spillage and leaks. Also, its stylish, white color provides the ideal context for vibrant food products, which ensures a stunning look.


  • Holds a decent amount of food
  • A flat base that hinders from slipping
  • Crafted in a manner to prevent cracking
  • Resists catching stains and odours, facilitating easy cleaning

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